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Feature Panoramas

Farmer's Market Victoria, BC CANADA

Beacon Hill Victoria, BC, CANADA

Chesterman Beach - Tofino
Vancouver Island, BC Canada

Maple Bay Christmas Day
British Columbia, Canada

Home Sweet Home

Regina Saskatchewan

Cathedral Village Festival
small screen
large screen
Regina, Sk

Cylindrical Panorama
Mackenzie Art
Gallery Entrance

Regina, Sk

Farwell's Trading Post
Cypress Hills Sk

(Panorama Collection)

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PROJECTS (past/current)

Wrinkle in Time Project

Digital Tao is a sole proprietorship company specializing in the creation of immersive virtual experiences for electronic media such as CD, Internet, Powerpoint, Kiosks and DVD in formats such as Quicktime and, Java.  Services offered include photography, authoring and final output for cylindrical panoramas, cubic/spherical panoramas and 360ยบ prints.

Digital Tao also offers consulting services in regards to digital media technology for curriculum development and integration in formal and informal education settings. Please contact me for more information.

To learn more about immersive imagery visit the Resources and Links page.  Also visit the Gallery to view examples of Virtual Reality Tours, cylindrical and cubic/spherical panoramas, 3D object movies and 360 print materials.

Sidebar Listings

The "Feature Panoramas" are provided for your enjoyment and allow a brief glance into some places you may find familiar or totally unique.

The "Panorama Archive" contains examples of past work.

The Wascana Park VR Tour is a collection of panormas of this urban park. It lets you take a "Summery" look at the park though there is a bit of autumn, spring and winter to be found also. It was created during 2000 and while the tour "authoring" tools and the sophistication of VR Tours has improved, it still provides a basic introduction to using QuickTime for a VR Tour.

The "Wrinkle in Time Project" was an endeavour by "panographers" around the world.  They share scenes and experiences usually encountered during each season's solstice and the new year. There still is a group of "wrinklers" who from time to time produce panoramic images during "timely" moments on the planet.

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