To view this site you require QuickTime from APPLE.  Click on the Quicktime link to go and get this software if it is needed. This software is free and installation is easy on windows, linux or macintosh systems.

Certain panoramic images are available as prints in a variety of sizes and print materials.

This small Virtual Reality Tour is a work in progress and some areas still require completion. The purpose is to present an example of a virtual tour. There are many possible media and media formats which might be applied, however QuickTime based media offers flexiblity and quality in VR presentation.

Select one of these two options:

For low bandwidth systems (i,e.56Kb modems)
For High bandwidth systems (Cable modem, DSL lines or better)

This is a proof of concept project created by Digital Tao Imaging.
It demonstrates some of the media technologies that could be used to present a virtual tour of a local park area or any other area..

To view this site you require at least QuickTime version 3 from APPLE.

Click on the Quicktime link to go and get this software if it is needed
Once you are in either the high resolution or low resolution VR Tour each location title on the map will provide a link to the appropriate page.

Comments _ feedback can be sent to
Tim Molnar
at Digital Tao Imaging.

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