Wrinkle in Time Panoramas

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If you are using Windows you will likely need to download QuickTime 5 or greater. The latest Quicktime versions install software in the Windows operating system that avoid the hijacking of the QTVR media by Windows Media Player.
Winter Solstice Dec 22, 2002

Just one pano of someone cleaning their snowy walkway.
Late in the afternoon on the solstice day.

Cleaning the Walkway
(Cylindrical Pano)

I was experimenting with a new wideangle lens for a coolpix 990 3.31 Mb Camera.
I tried stitching this in RealViz, but eventually worked on it in Panotools with a PTmac front end. People rave about Realviz but so far I have found it more difficult (less flexible and alterable) to use than Panotools.

Summer Solstice 2002

This is a group of shots at the City Hall in Regina Saskatchewan Canada.
It's not exactly at the time of the Solstice but later that day. There were several dance troupes on stage and police and fire department personnel on hand to help out with the festivities.

Fire Truck Area(saved as a cubic file)
Stage Right
Crowd Shot

I took this set of pano's using the EyeSee360 Single Shot setup. It seems good for crowds.

They are of varying file sizes and quality.
Winter Solstice 2001

Here are two versions of the Lakeview Golf Course Area covered in snow and ice.  It is located in Regina, Saskatchewan CANADA.

Lakeview Golf Course Snow and Ice - QuickTime
Lakeview Golf Course Snow and Ice - Java


Autumn Equinox 2001

Here are two versions of the Autumnal Equinox Wrinkle shot in Regina, Saskatchewan, CANADA.  Choose the media type that is suitable for your computing setup.

Wascana Park Path - QT
Wascana Park Path - JAVA


New Years Day 2000

This panorama was published in the Macworld magazine CD (April/May 2000) along with 7 other panoramas from around the world.  It is in Quicktime format.  

Wascana Place, Regina SK, Canada - QT

This pano was created using an old Sony Mavic camera.
Stitching was done with APPLE's VR authoring application.

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